Fire Curtain Fabrics

THERMOTEX has developed special fabrics to meet the demanding requirements of the fire curtain market.  These fabrics not only exceed the new Model Building and Life Safety Codes but provide the cover essential to a fire barrier material.

THERMO-SPECTM Fabric Style 44-WFCC is a 2-1/2 lb./sq.yd (40oz./sq.yd.) wire inserted NON-ASBESTOS, High Temperature coated fiber glass fabric which replaces the 2-3/4 lb./sq.yd. wire inserted asbestos fabric.  Specifically designed to incorporate the strength of stainless steel yet provide excellent flexibility, Style 44-WFCC is the premier fire curtain fabric available.

THERMO-SPECTM Fabric Style 37-FCC is a 2-1/4 lb./sq.yd (37oz./sq.yd.) NON-ASBESTOS, coated fiber glass fabric without a wire insertion.  Like Style 44-WFCC, Style 37-FCC exceeds the Code criteria (except it weighs less and has no wire.)  It is an economical alternative for those applications that do not demand or require the 40 oz./sq.yd. wire inserted product.

Types of Curtains

Straight Lift Style curtains apply when there is adequate space for proper "ready storage" above the proscenium opening.

Trip Style curtain applies when the space above the proscenium opening is inadequate to properly house the Straight Lift style curtain.  There should be at least one-third the height of the proscenium opening to properly house this style of curtain.

Brail Style curtain applies when the space above the proscenium opening is inadequate to properly house either the Straight Lift or Trip Style curtain.  When in "ready storage" position, the installation should clear the proscenium opening.
Note:  Frame curtains and Roll Up curtains, variations of the straight Lift curtain are available upon request.


Manufactured in horizontally, vertically or in combination styles, these borders provide protection from high intensity stage lighting.  The standard border has reinforced edging, #4 grommets and black ties.

All Fire Curtains are manufactured and fabricated to THERMOTEX’s demanding quality control standards.  These curtains and fabrics have been successfully tested in LARGE and SMALL Vertical and Horizontal ovens using ASTM E-119(NFPA 251) test procedures as required for Proscenium Fire Safety Curtains.  Additionally, measurements of the amount of heat that was prevented from going through the fabrics was also documented.  These fabrics were also tested using the ASTM E-84 (NFPA 255) Tunnel Test, yielding Smoke Index Numbers of “10” or less ( A Proscenium Fire Safety Curtain requirement).

THERMOTEX’s Fire Curtains are listed and  certified by Intertek Testing Services/Warnock Hersey and Omega Point Laboratories.

In addition to the initial testing requirements to be listed/certified, every curtain is individually tested by THERMOTEX to ensure the quality and fire performance.